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Our capacitors

DC Filter Capacitors

DC Filter Capacitors are typically large blue cylindrical capacitors, most often with 2 screw terminals on top. Capteks stocks and sells these through our authorized distributors. CAPTEKS also provides DC Filter capacitors with mounting studs and special terminals included "quick connect" blade terminals and pin configuration for permanent mounting on circuit cards.

DC Filter capacitors from Capteks are used in power supplies for Medical Equipment including NMRs and ultrasounds, UPS both new and regular or emergency maintenance (Uninterruptible power supplies), Inverters, Battery Chargers, and more. Many selections of capacitance ratings, ESR, and voltage make it hard to get fast turnaround delivery. Our FAST delivery team allows CAPTEKS distributors to access industry winning delivery on identical substitute parts that competition can't deliver on. Often we match the data sheets of the slower moving industry giants, with competitive pricing. Our products are primarily built here in North America.


"CAPTEKS HAS THE BEST GUARANTEE IN THE INDUSTRY" All of Capteks parts are built to meet or exceed as appropriate, industry standards. Capteks offers a 100% guarantee against defects caused by improper workmanship or defective material. This guarantee is valid for replacement of the product for up to 1 year from the date of receipt of material. Capteks is not liable for any damages beyond the value of the capacitors. Certain specialty parts purchased under industry standard NCNR agreements are covered for 30 days, from date of receipt of material.

CAPTEKS PRODUCTS ARE UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEED FOR 1 YEAR FROM SHIPMENT AGAINST FAILURE FOR REASONS OF WORKMANSHIP OR MATERIAL DEFECTS. Due to potential misapplication of reverse voltage and improper handling or storage outside of our control, failure of any brand DC capacitor is possible with no implication of responsibility to the capacitor, it's manufacturer or supply chain.


DC Capcitors most often are mounted into compression rings that, depending on the diameter size, are bolted to the chassis or circuit board with 2 or 3 screws. CAPTEKS sells these CLAMPS more cost effectively than anyone

UPS Capacitors

Our largest customers include the top 3 manufacturers of UPS systems in the world. We have many of their part numbers designs and data sheets, so we can match their callouts for our next set of top customers: 3rd party UPS maintenance companies worldwide. Call us with Liebert numbers, MGE, Sola, APC and others and we can help you immediately.

Need 2 pieces out overnight at 4:00 PM ? Call us or any of our franchised distributors.